The REAL State of Our Union

I attended the state of the Union Address last week and wanted to share some of my thoughts with you. President Obama's speech was full of great ideas but empty on the how do we do its. The most obvious "How?" that was missing was, How do we pay for it? We cannot go on spending almost 50% more than we take in. Deficit spending burdens our children with crushing debt and holds back the economy so that the American dream is much harder to achieve.

Since the President has been in office, the cost of everything from a gallon of gas to college tuition has gone way up. Unemployment remains high and hope remains low.

In Texas, it's a different story. We have low taxes, less government regulation and a balanced budget. Our unemployment rate has been well below the national average, and from 2002-2011, we created nearly a third of the country's highest paying positions. In District 27 alone we have seen unprecedented growth. We've added jobs at the Caterpillar plant in Victoria and are looking forward to boom in Corpus Christi with the TEPCO steel plant, M&G, and Shlitterbahn. Washington and the President could learn a thing or two from us, and that's what I am working on every day.



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