Reminder: Americans Want Solutions, Not Divisiveness

As the 2024 presidential campaign heats up, divisive, misleading rhetoric on immigration is spreading — in contrast to the solutions Americans want.

In polling in May, 81% of self-identified conservatives agreed that “[a]s the U.S. works to restore order at the border, it is important that Republicans and Democrats work together to pass immigration reforms that address labor shortages and inflation, and protect people already here and contributing.”

And in a February poll, 74% of Republicans said they’d support such work on “immigration reforms that strengthen border security, allow immigrants brought to the United States as children to earn citizenship, and ensure a legal, reliable workforce for America’s farmers and ranchers.”

“Americans are rightly concerned about the border and migration challenges. We must recognize these challenges for what they are: a humanitarian crisis we must meet with compassion and resources,” said Jennie Murray, President and CEO of the National Immigration Forum.

“Americans want solutions, and we want Republicans and Democrats to work together — not to divide us. That means improving order and compassion at the border, passing a solution for Dreamers that allows their essential contributions to continue, and offering solutions to farmers and farmworkers.

“Leadership focused on solutions is the leadership we need in this moment.”

Authored by Dan Gordon and originally published on


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