Rep. Van Duyne Exposes Biden's Crushing Economic Policies

I published an op-ed in The Hill exposing President Biden's harmful economic policies and shedding light on how they are affecting small businesses. 

"[Small businesses] have spent the last two years navigating a global pandemic, pivoting strategies overnight to stay alive through lockdowns and mandates. But many of these same businesses who survived a once in a century pandemic, cannot last through one year of Joe Biden.  

While President Biden’s words support small business, his actions have made it clear - in Joe Biden’s economy, only the corporations survive.

Unless we can stop Biden’s ineptitude, and perhaps purposeful quest to destroy American small business growth, our future is clear – we will go from an America that empowers broad opportunities for our people to: Made in China and brought to you by Amazon."  

Read the full op-ed here.

While serving on the Small Business Committee, I have introduced several bills championing small businesses, including the Bringing Back Main Street Act, Restaurant Recovery Fairness Act, and the Ensuring Economic Recovery Act.


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