The Rise of Latino Conservatism

The Rise of Latino Conservatism was a session at the Conservative Political Action Conference sponsored by the American Principles Project and featured speakers Alfonso Aguilar, Grover Norquist, Karyme Lozano, and Mario Lopez.

Alfonso Aguilar: Alfonso Aguilar explained that conservatives have not been consistent enough with conservative Latino movement. The majority of Latinos believe in the family, they're pro-life, they're entrepreneurial and pro-business, and they support free trade, which are all values held among conservatives.

Aguilar explained that some people like to argue that Latinos don't want to learn English, but studies show that Latinos do want to assimilate, it jut takes time. Furthermore, more than a third of Latinos marry outside their ethnicity which shows that they are not bound to their group. However, thre are groups out there that fuel anti-immigration rhetoric, promote abortion, and try to blame Latinos for the so called "population issues."

Latinos are the fastest growing population in America, and without substantial support from this group, the conservative movement cannot grow.

"We are at fault when we allow the other side to capture the immigration issue, we need to continue to be welcoming." - Sarah Palin

Aguilar said that we must:

1. Secure borders and stop drug trafficking
2. Focus on the criminals, we need to go after the right people, not focus on the cleaning ladies
3. Figure out a way for those who are here illegally to become legal, without granting amnesty
4. Create a guest worker plan
5. Promote patriotic assimilation

Grover Norquist: Grover Norquist is the president of Americans for Tax Reform and is on the Board of the NRA. He stated that we as conservatives need to better reach out to the Hispanic community. He explained that Reagan and other people elected at the national level tend to be the most immigrant-friendly.

He also explained that people whose ancestors came over on the Mayflower no longer know the difference between this country and other countries, but immigrants get it. They are the most open to keeping this country free because they don't want this country to become the country they fled from.

Karyme Lozano: Karyme Lozano is an Mexican actress, and is currently an United States resident. She explained that conservatives share the same ideals that this country was founded on. She said that we need to let Latinos know that conservatives can better protect their ideals.

As an actress, she allowed herself to follow a pathway that was different than the values she grew up on; the fame and fortune of Hollywood made her not think about who she really was. She explained that Hollywood just offered her emptiness. However, she found her faith again and realized that only God can give a person true happiness. However, after this transformation, it seemed like doors started closing in Hollywood. She realized that there is a liberal agenda in Hollywood, sponsored by many liberal elites.

Furthermore, as a mother of a 9-yr-old girl, she is very concerned about what is going on in our schools. She explained that the liberal agenda is counseling our children about abortion and trying to undermine parents. Parents want to be at ease when they send their kids to school.

Karyme Lozano closed with saying that non Latino and Latino Conservatives together can defeat the liberals!

Mario H. Lopez: Mario Lopez is the president of the Hispanic Leadership Fund. He started off saying that he personally thinks the debate should be between the conservatives and the libertarians not the conservatives and the liberals.

He went on to explain that we must admit that we have a problem with attaining the conservative Latino vote. Latinos think that the Republicans don't want them here and are afraid to admit that they are conservative and agree with conservative principles when the conservatives are the ones spreading the harsh anti-immigration rhetoric. Lopez said that this harsh anti-immigration rhetoric affected 44 electoral votes in the 2008 election and is why we have Obama as our president now. When Tom Tancredo was asked what he thought about losing the Latino conservative vote, all he had to say was "So be it."

Lopez explained that a lot of people don't understand how cumbersome it is to come to this country legally. A lot of people make decisions most Americans may have made had they been put in the same situation. No one attempts to cross 200 miles of desert because they think it's fun or because they want to spit on America. They think, "Either I stay here and my family starves, or I attempt to go to America and make a life for myself."



First as a former GOPer and veteran I will never again vote for a party that will not remove, bigots, condescenders, anti-immigrants from their ranks. The GOP is not all-inclusive but rather uses minorties who are unhappy with themselves being a minority to try to persuade others to support it. I will not be utilized.   Karyme Lozano? you got to be kidding!  This lady does not know what hardship is but rather represents the third world elite of Mexico who still use indentured servitude (sirvientas and jardineros)  She has no idea that here you have to EARN your keep in America you don't get Carte Blanche treatment here because we don't work under a caste system like Mexico where influence, corruption, and your last name reigns.  She complains about the Hollywood liberal elite barring her?  Lady you need to earn your way in like Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz, George Lopez, and other actors did! You don't get any special treament here.  There are also GOP actors like Baldwin and Jon Voight as well who have successful careers.  Comments from Tancredo and other bigots are the reason I left as well as even being doubted on my patriotism just for standing up about immigrants of all nationalities.  I also work with alot of GOPers and they are intolerant of the Hispanic workforce, we even had two guys fired for racist remarks and guess what one of the gents had a Palin/Mccain sticker on his truck.  I support border security and Aguilar's objectives and I opposes amnesty but I support a form of earned legalization (with strict interpretation)  and eliminating the job magnet.  I also support amending birthright citizenship to one U.S. parent required because not just illegals do it RICH wealthy Mexicans use the system as well.  

If the GOP is ever again to be a "big tent" party, we need people like you to stay and fight within it rather than fight it from the outside. The only way those you call "bigots" win and end up with control of the party is when they displace everyone else. That's when they gain the audacity to come up with ideas like requiring candidates to pledge to support of platform positions -- as if all Republicans have to fit the monolithic views of the Religious Right, as if the party is and has always been theirs.

Oh please David Smith "De Ruiz" c'mon, atleast be serious about the whole bigotry topic. To suggest that there are no Bigots on the left is simply ridiculous! Need we educate you on the founder of Planned Parenthood who openly sought to sterilize those "Less worthy of breeding" in which she went on to say mostly minorities where the problem. Or how about Now passed Robert Byrd who was an officer in the KKK. Do you need to revisit history and look at the civil rights voting record. If Liberals would have had their way you and I along with every other minority would be segregated by force and discriminated against "legally" No matter what ideology you belong to theres always bigots and morons for example "Birthers" on our side and "Truthers" on the left. Next thing you know you'll be saying its all a mass conspiracy by a few elites that are bound to take over the world through banks and the U.S. dollar... Get real!

I think you may want to educate yourself "Cardenas"

The Southeast office of the Anti-Defamation League this morning condemned state Rep. John Yates, R-Griffin, who will turn 89 next month and is the oldest member of the Legislature, for his contention that troops on the U.S.-Mexico border should be given “shoot to kill” orders.

“We are seeing a frightening ratcheting up of hate speech about undocumented workers from Mexico, and John Yates has taken the rhetoric to a level of extremism that is shocking and deeply disturbing,” said Bill Nigut, the ADL’s southeast regional director.

Yates’ remarks were made at a recent forum with his Democratic opponent, Rose Carroll, who publicized them through a YouTube video.

Said Yates, a World War II veteran:

“I would say the National Guard should be armed…They ought to be armed and word should leak over to Mexico that we will shoot to kill if anybody crosses. And be serious about this. And if they do that, then there won’t be anybody killed, because nobody will take a chance on it.”

And these are the people you want me to support? Those who advocate shooting our own people? Cheers "Ron" "Cardenas"



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