Ryan Sitton Rolls Forward in Campaign for Texas Railroad Commission

As we moved through the primary filing deadline earlier this month, the once crowded field for Texas Railroad Commissioner settled down to four interesting candidates. As Texas Republicans prepare to vote in the March 4th Primary, we will take a look at many candidates for elected positions and make decisions about who we will support and vote for. The race for the Railroad Commission open seat is now between, Ryan Sitton, Malachi Boyuls, Becky Berger and Wayne Christian. All four are very interesting and different candidates.

Ryan Sitton kicked off his campaign earlier this year with a video where he invites you to get to know who he is and his background in the oil and gas industry, the primary focus of the Texas Railroad Commission.

Sitton brings the experience of being a business owner in the energy industry to the Texas Railroad Commission, "Our energy industry is booming and that prosperity should continue," said Sitton. "Im running because Im a conservative businessman. I pledge to stand up for all Texans and push back on the present and constant intrusion of federal regulatory agencies. I joined this race to provide a unique vision of technical competence, efficient management, and uncompromising customer service to both the industries and the taxpayers of the State of Texas."

Sitton is the co-founder and CEO of PinnacleAIS, an oil and gas industry engineering and technology company based in Pasadena, Texas that employs more than 300 people. Inc. Magazine recognized PinnacleAIS in 2012 and 2013 as one of the top 1,500 fastest-growing, privately held companies in the world.

I sat down with Sitton to discuss his experience as a businessman and as a conservative Republican and what those things bring to his campaign for Railroad Commission.

I asked Sitton about the reports that the United States has passed Russia and Iraq in terms of the production of oil and natural gas energy and what that could mean to Texas. He replied,"Today we export very little natural gas but you’re exactly right. You look around the world, the prices our citizens pay for gas, and for refined products is a third or a fourth of what people are paying overseas.

"That’s great!" Ryan continued. "That’s helped drive our economy. If you think about it, imagine the prowess that our state and our nation would have if we began playing on that type of economic scale. If we continue to increase our production to the point we able to not only match our needs inside the country, but now are able to compete with Russia, with South America, in terms of their energy exports. It would be a game changer and it puts the United States back to a real position of energy prowess."

It is clear that this election for the Railroad Commission could be more vitally important to Texas than in any previous election. We will need a new commissioner who can take on the over-reaching power of an Obama Administration that will be around for three more years. We also need an individual that understands the impact that state regulatory agencies can have on energy companies, particularly the small business companies that make up the bulk of new employment opportunities.

2014 is almost here and it will now be a sprint from here to the March 4th Primary Election date. Take a look at all of the candidates and evaluate their real experience and find the best candidate to fill this important position for the future of Texas.




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