Van Duyne Introduces Legislation to Mitigate Supply Chain Vulnerability

This week I introduced the bipartisan Supply Chain Vulnerability Assessment Act (H.R. 4295), which will require the Director of National Intelligence & Director of the CIA to complete a study to identify supply chains crucial to national security, their vulnerabilities, and submit recommendations on addressing them to Intel Committees.

COVID-19 showed our supply chain reliance on adversaries. While some supply chains can remain in place at no danger, a proper assessment is needed to determine what supply chains have the ability to threaten national security. 

Now more than ever, we must ensure our supply chains are protected. We saw first-hand the effects of supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19 last year, so it is essential we act now to identify vulnerabilities. It is my goal, along with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, that this bill prevents such disruptions from ever happening again.

The Supply Chain Vulnerability Assessment Act is a companion bill to Senator John Cornyn and Senator Angus King's Senate bill, S. 849. In the House, Democrat Rep. Jared Golden joins me as a cosponsor.

"Resilient supply chains are critical to our national security. Congress needs a better understanding of our current supply chain vulnerabilities in order to better prepare for current and future national security challenges and to address the impacts of American manufacturing jobs moving overseas,” said Congressman Golden. “I’m proud to work with Congresswoman Van Duyne, Senator King, and Senator Cornyn on this effort to make sure we learn lessons from this pandemic to improve the strength of our supply chain.”


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