Eddie Bernice Johnson Supporters Try to Sweep Scholarship Scandal Under the Rug

The following was released by the Broden for Congress campaign:

Dallas area voters probably think that the formal ‘Flag Room’ of the Dallas City Hall would be off limits for partisan political rallies. So what were supporters of embattled Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson doing September 13, holding a political rally -- complete with invitations to the television and print media -- in the flag room of the Dallas City Hall? They were assembled to advocate that her diversion of 23 college scholarships over a five year period from deserving and eligible constituents to her own ineligible family and close friends was a “mistake", from which we need to “move on".

Mailing a scholarship check to a wrong address is a mistake. Knowingly diverting scholarship money to family and friends, and doing so repeatedly, deliberately and in blatant disregard of written rules and basic ethics, is not a mistake. But if the rules on scholarship money don’t apply to Eddie Bernice Johnson, why would anyone expect rules on the use of public facilities to be respected by her?

“Eddie Bernice Johnson is displaying a disturbing but common characteristic of our out-of-control Congress: after gaining office, they seem to think they are our rulers and are above the laws that apply to the rest of us,” said Stephen Broden, Ms. Johnson’s opponent in the November 2nd election, “and they don’t like it when anyone calls them out on their behavior.”

To top it off, City Hall security officers, at taxpayer expense and presumably at the direction of Ms. Johnson’s supporters, ordered a group of Broden for Congress observers out of the Flag Room. Witnesses, including media personnel, noted that the Broden supporters had no signs, did not interrupt the pep rally, and were not vocal or disruptive, but when reporters sought a comment from them after the rally, Johnson’s operatives shouted down the reporters' questions and the Broden supporters' replies.

View video of the Stephen Broden supporters being asked to leave:


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