Everyone Should Have the Same Rotten Education, Say Progressives

Here’s what you’re missing by not being on Twitter.

Someone writes, “Private schools should be banned. The rich shouldn’t be able to buy their kids a better education. The fact that this *is* a controversial opinion says a lot about our society, to be honest.”

My translation: do not attempt to flee the state’s substandard schools, citizen. That would not be fair. What is fair is for us to detain your children in ideological prison camps that teach them zero marketable skills and leave them — according to every survey we have — unable as adults to answer the most basic questions about science, politics, and history.

Oh, and these prison camps will be dominated by bullies, despite our laughable “no bullying” policy.

Meanwhile, our friend knows nothing of the work of James Tooley, who discovered a vast, previously unknown network of low-cost private schools all over the developing world, where parents of extremely modest means send their kids and get better results.

So now a Chinese peasant is “rich” and should have his options curtailed?

(Reminds me of how the communists, in their savage obsession to collectivize Ukrainian agriculture, began including just about everyone in the list of “kulaks” who were to be liquidated. No longer just the rich peasants, “kulaks” wound up being pretty much anyone without a distended belly.)

No ambition allowed, citizen.

You and your children should sit there, as pieces of inert matter, waiting for the state to impose its holy imprint on you.

Your betters are imposing on you an educational model based on 19th-century Prussia, and you’re going to shut up and like it.

Should you try a different approach, you deserve prison, and your children should be raised as orphans.

But you know what? At least this “progressive” is honest: the family is the enemy of egalitarianism and social engineering, so its liberties must be curtailed.

I guess we’re lucky the kids aren’t being raised by the state.

After all, even the left-liberal icon John Rawls admitted that’s where his logic appeared to lead:

“Is the family to be abolished then? Taken by itself and given a certain primacy, the idea of equal opportunity inclines in this direction. But within the context of the theory of justice as a whole there is much less urgency to take this course.”

Gee, that’s reassuring. Every single aspect of Rawls’s theory of justice appears to support the abolition of the family — but don’t worry, citizen: there isn’t much “urgency” to do that.

As for our Twitter friend, you can make her really crazy by reading this:


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