Fake Hate Crime; Dean Grovels Anyway

More insanity to report, my friends.

This one’s from the hospital at the University of Michigan.

Apparently someone had been using a spool of rope normally used for medical procedures to practice tying a “Uni Knot,” which is used in fishing. He left the knot in place when he returned the spool to the storage area.

So what happened next, Woods?

Well, a completely non-hysterical, totally rational person discovered the knot and concluded that it was intended to represent a noose, and that we were therefore faced with a hate crime.

A subsequent investigation concluded that it was (obviously) not.

But here is what the dean of the medical school said. Now as you read this, bear in mind that we’re dealing with a fishing knot, and that the investigation concluded what all normal people already knew: there was no “hate crime” involved in this knot incident.

This incident has impacted our entire community, and many experienced intense emotional reactions. Our community came together to support each other, reaffirmed our stance against hate, and began having open dialogues about this incident and ways to make our community more inclusive. We continue to stand strong as we make it clear to all that this organization — its leaders, faculty, staff and learners — fiercely values and defends equality, inclusiveness, respect and dignity for all, and the elimination of discrimination in all its forms.

We appreciate everything we have heard from you in our community conversations. While we have made progress in our journey toward an inclusive environment, more work is needed around sensitivity, empathy and inclusiveness. Our commitment to equity and inclusion continues as one of our organization’s top priorities.

This whole thing is some kind of bizarre mysticism, impervious to evidence, and replete with standard incantations.

I wouldn’t have found out about it had someone not posted it inside the Tom Woods Show Elite, my private group for people who enjoy my work.

That little voice is your conscience beckoning you forward.

Surely you belong in the Tom Woods Show Elite, it says to you.

The way in:


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