Great News: Unexpected Resistance to the Lockdowners

Surely somebody, somewhere, amidst the fact-free frenzy that has consumed America, was going to resist, right?

Some organized group had to step up.

The idea that we should ruin everyone’s life in order to protect the vulnerable, instead of just protecting the vulnerable, makes no sense.

If I graph the progress of the virus in numerous states — some with bars open, others with them closed, some with restaurants open at 25 or 50% capacity (good luck staying in business like that) and some with restaurants fully open — you will not be able to tell me which is which.

It’s all theater, egged on by politicians who have a unique opportunity to exercise power righteously, and to portray themselves as having saved lives even though the virus appears to peak and taper off according to the same pattern everywhere, regardless of our non-pharmaceutical interventions.

Meanwhile, people have been shamed into not saying a single word when their lives and businesses are ruined and things that give their lives meaning are taken away indefinitely.

So surely someone is going to say: this is stupid and evil.

And it turns out:

It’s college football players, and the #WeWantToPlay movement.

Big Ten presidents apparently thought they could collude with the hysterics in sports media to get the fall season canceled, and that would be that.

They didn’t count on a massive outcry from players themselves.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. The players, like the rest of us in our own lives, are supposed to shut up like good peons and let their betters tell them that something they love is being taken from them regardless of what they think.

And regardless of the fact that if ever there were a group of people at no risk from COVID-19, it’s college athletes.

The SOBs may still cancel the season, but how refreshing to see so many people willing to say enough is enough to the fact-free, anti-science lockdowners.

And the facts and figures suggesting that the lockdowns have been both devastating and pointless keep piling up.

I’ll get back to those later this week.

In the meantime:

The better the news gets about the virus and how obviously manageable it is, the crazier the Borg becomes.

They’re still acting as if the Sun Belt is in major trouble. It isn’t. The virus is already burning out there.

Buddy Dyer, the mayor of Orlando (the city right next to where I live), has just said that bars won’t reopen until there’s a vaccine.

So you can never again go out for a drink until an outcome that may never occur comes to pass.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about someone in public life who never fell for the hysteria, and whose people have prospered because of it.



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