About the Massachusetts Senate Race

The election for Senator Kennedys Senate seat is on January 19, and Republican Scott Brown is neck and neck with Democrat Martha Coakley.

This race is important because Scott Brown has the chance to overthrow what has been a Democratic seat in Senate for over 30 years! Furthermore, if Scott Brown is elected, he will be the 41st vote against the health care reform bill!

It may seem far-fetched that a Republican could win in such a liberal state like Massachusetts, but voter frustration over spending issues and the economy will be on Scott Browns side. Republican Mitt Romney, who has done fundraising appeals for Brown, recently said:

"Massachusetts is not as monolithic a liberal state as people think. Theres a lot of anger in Massachusetts among independents in particular about the Obama health care plan. Hes a guy who very well could win this thing."

Even the Democrats are starting to worry. The Democratic National Committee is sending its spokesman to Boston for the final week of the campaign, something it wouldnt do unless the race is going to be a close one.

Let the people of Massachusetts hear a call to action from Texas! Tell your friends in Massachusetts to vote for Scott Brown and donate to his campaign!


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