Biden Attacks U.S. Energy Production: Cancels Alaskan Drilling Permits

The Biden Administration just announced proposed restrictions and the cancelation of seven drilling leases in Alaska's North Slope. This is yet another attack on American-made energy in President Biden's war on fossil fuels. 

President Biden begged Saudi Arabia for more oil and berated American oil & and gas producers for not ‘increasing production’ throughout his term. With these new restrictions, he is preventing American energy producers from utilizing nearly 40% of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. 

Just a few days ago, national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that President Biden will ‘do everything within his toolkit’ to lower gas prices. Unfortunately, this is another example of the Biden administration giving lip service to American families being crushed by high energy prices, while simultaneously implementing policies that will continue to raise costs and hand-deliver the global energy market to OPEC+.

Energy security is national security. If the Biden Administration wants to put thousands of energy workers out of work and risk their livelihoods, he needs to face the communities he will destroy. The President must reverse this disastrous decision and finally recognize the national security importance of affordable, reliable, American-made energy.


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