Protecting our Power Grid

The U.S. is facing nationwide blackouts this summer due to cyberattacks from rogue actors like Russia combined with reserve capacity shortages. 

I am extremely concerned that the Biden Administration lacks a plan to prevent and prepare for these blackouts. I sent a letter to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm demanding the Dept. of Energy formulate and share their plan to avert a nationwide reliability crisis.

Blackouts are coming because our policymakers have made our country reliant on unreliable energy sources. A decades-long smear campaign executed by green special interest groups against reliable thermal power sources, like natural gas and nuclear, has led to short-sighted policies that discourage the creation of reliable base load sources for our grid.

Having enough energy to keep the lights on in America should be one of our fundamental responsibilities, but I’m afraid the powers that be have taken their eye off the ball when it comes to maintaining a stable, reliable grid. This is not partisan. The U.S. government should be laser-focused on ensuring we have enough energy to power the American economy.

Read my full letter here, or the Washington Examiner’s coverage of the letter and some of my actions to secure the energy grid here.


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