Unleash American Energy

This past week, President Biden announced additional drawdowns from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which is already at record lows, and delivered remarks vilifying oil and gas companies and blaming them for high gasoline prices. The President's remarks were shameful and demonstrated how he and his team fundamentally misunderstand energy markets. You cannot ‘direct’ oil and gas producers to increase production while simultaneously telling American energy companies that they will not be needed in 10 years.

A sane energy policy allows for long-term investments to ensure America will always be energy dominant and not reliant on foreign actors. Mr. President, the cavalry isn't coming. It is past time to admit that U.S fossil fuels produced by American blue-collar workers are good for humanity, our economy, and our national security.

I will continue standing up for our oil and gas industry and working to keep American energy dominant. Read more about my work here


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