Austin: Successful Rally to Oppose AG Holder's Attack on Election Reforms

True the Vote - On Tuesday, December 13 a rally was held near the LBJ Library at the University of Texas, Austin to highlight the attack on election reforms launched inside by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder went to Texas to denounce the Lone Star State’s voter ID laws and claimed that simple voter ID laws were somehow discriminatory. Holder ominously claimed that he would use the power of his office to “enforce civil rights protections” during the upcoming 2012 elections.

View video of the rally here.

Outside the LBJ Library nearly 200 citizens gathered to hear a multi-racial panel of six speakers denounce Holder’s partisan attempts to push the administration’s agenda to turn a blind eye to continuing voter fraud that consistently favors candidates from the Democrat Party.

The rally was sponsored by the Houston-based True The Vote, a grass roots voter integrity project staffed by volunteers. True The Vote is a nation-wide organization that has affiliates across the country, every day citizens interested in the integrity of the elections in their home district.

True The Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht said she was thrilled by the turnout that was arranged on only a few day’s notice.

We gathered for the purpose of setting the record straight and people came from all over Texas to hear a host of speakers all representing different sides of the issue. All were clearly saying that the thought that photo voter ID laws would in some way suppress the vote or would in some way disenfranchise voters is on its face a farce. This is only being done to advance a politically motivated agenda that has at its core the themes of victimization and race baiting.

In his comments AG Holder cited one Republican in Maryland that was convicted of trying to trick black voters into staying home on Election Day, but what this single case has to do with voter ID laws was unclear. Holder’s intent, it seems, was to dismiss vote fraud from Democrats while shifting the blame to this one Republican. Holder did not mention such Democrat fraud as that seen in the 2008 Indiana primary, the New York Democrat that recently pleaded guilty to vote fraud, or any of the other such cases that can be easily found in the news.

It should be noted that at least one major case of voter suppression occurred during Holder’s tenure at the Department of Justice but it went ignored by his office. In 2008 a pair of militant Black Panther Party members used bats and weapons to intimidate white voters from entering a Philadelphia voting place. Ultimately Holder’s office decided not to prosecute this clear case of voter suppression.

There were five other speakers that appeared after Engelbrecht. Those speakers were: Anita MonCrief, the founder of the Boots of Liberty Task Force (BOLT) and the Editor-in-Chief of Emerging Corruption. MonCrief is also known as the ACORN/ Project Vote Whistleblower. Adryana Boyne, the National Director of VOCES Action a non profit organization that educates and empowers Hispanics with conservative fiscal and moral values. Election lawyer J. Christian Adams who served in the Voting Rights Section at the U.S. Department of Justice and whose book Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department is a must read for anyone interested in the hard facts of the DOJ. C.L. Bryant, a native of Shreveport, LA and a former president of the NAACP’s Garland, Texas Chapter. And finally, George Rodriguez, President of San Antonio Tea Party. Rodriguez served as a presidential appointee under both Presidents Bush and Reagan and is also the nation’s first Hispanic Tea Party President.

The crux of the rally was to spur citizens to get involved. ”’Democrat or Republican voter fraud is unacceptable but it is up to us to stop it,” said Engelbrecht.

Here’s my message today – everyone listening needs to take stock of the situation facing our country, and then ask themselves what they are doing to make things better. What are you doing? There are all kinds of places and ways that citizens can directly engage and work for the good of this country and hold to what made us great. True the Vote is a great example—a great way to serve in a desperately needed and critically important area—protecting the sanctity of the vote. Our election process was always intended to be run by American citizens for the good of America and Americans. We need to take our process back and need to educate ourselves in the ways we can get engaged.

One last bit of irony—if not hypocrisy—was experienced as people lined up to enter the LBJ Library to hear AG Holder rail against voter ID laws. As each person entered the library they were required to present their photo IDs in order to be allowed in to hear the speech.

Originally posted on True the Vote.

If our elections are not truly fair, we are not truly free.

Take a Stand - Do Not Remain Silent!

  1. Contact the US House Committee on the Judiciary* to demand congressional hearings on the Department of Justice’s involvement with Project Vote 
  2. Demand the resignations or impeachments of : Attny Gen Eric Holder, for his leadership of the Fast and Furious Scandal Chief of Staff Gary Grindler, for his foreknowledge of details on Fast and Furious beginning in the Spring of 2010 Asst Attny Gen Ron Welch, for managing the preparation of the false letter to Congress Asst Attny Gen Lanny Breuer for overseeing the entire Fast and Furious operation 
  3. Contact the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations* to keep the United Nations out of US Elections 
  4. Spread the Word - It’s Time for a National Call for Election Integrity. It’s time to true the vote


All the speakers were great during this event at the LBJ library. Texas needs more minorities to express their views but we need more conservative minorities  as elected officials. I have heard Adryana Boyne speaking before and at both events, people went to her and asked her when is she going to run for office?  She smiles and says: “Thank you, not sure when” Would she be willing to do so? I searched her in the internet and Adryana is all over the country speaking and debating liberals,  interviewing conservatives elected officials and even Republican presidential candidates on issues that are important to Hispanics. She has strong American values and she is featured in the Spanish speaking channels.  The Republican Party has been alienating Hispanics for a long time, some of them do not even realize that they are doing that and we need this woman!  Would she run for US Congress? Could the next Republican president appoint her for a position? Could you ask her to consider to run?

YES! The Republican party once again finds itself so far behind the curve that we have to bring it to them wrapped up in a pretty package with a bow on top and a elaborately scripted nametag before it dawns on them that "OH DUH!" {insert forehead slap here} "THIS could be strategy that keeps Hispanics on course with their true conservative (eternal) values!" If R's take the lead and elect true conservative Hispanic/Latino leaders to help guide others then our beautiful America has a better chance to survive as our Founding Fathers intended.


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