Addressing the Baby Formula Shortage

Right now, American families are struggling to find baby formula on the shelves, and the Democrats solution was to pass a $28 million payout to the FDA - an organization that has completely botched the formula shortage crisis. 

I voted against this purely-messaging bill because it does nothing to address the current crisis that is striking fear in the hearts of countless young families across the country.

This bill will NOT put more formula on store shelves or hold the FDA accountable. In reality, the $28 million messaging bill:

  • Does nothing to force the FDA to develop a plan to address the shortage.
  • Fails to account for excess stocks of formula at federal agencies that could be directed to American households. 
  • Fails to leverage the federal government’s existing transportation and logistics capabilities to address the immediate needs.
  • Gives the FDA an additional $28 million, when funds are already available to address this issue.

The Biden Administration is sitting on a billion dollars that the Secretary of Agriculture could use to address supply chain issues. Additionally, the FDA just received a $102 million budget increase, including an $11 million increase specifically for maternal and infant health and nutrition, two months ago. 

In contrast, I joined House Republicans in introducing legislation that would actually increase the baby formula supply for parents and prevent further crises by:

  • Allowing parents to order formula from safe countries outside the U.S.
  • Requiring transparency from the FDA.
  • Giving parents more choices by lifting FDA-imposed barriers that restrict new types and brands of formula from entering the market.
  • Enhancing accountability for recalls by forcing the FDA to notify Congress of recalls and provide a plan to address any supply issues.

As a parent of three daughters, I can personally understand how terrifying this shortage is for young families. I am urging my colleagues to come to the table and pass real solutions.


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