The Hill Report: Week of December 28 - January 1

My thoughts and prayers are with all North Texas families who have been affected by the tornadoes last weekend. On Monday I met with the mayors of Garland and Rowlett, Mayor Doug Athas and Mayor Todd Gottel, to get an update on the damage and visit the affected areas. Words cannot express the devastation that we saw in these communities. Houses were completely flattened, trees that lined the streets were broken in half, cars were flipped over and torn in two, and debris filled the streets. However, through the destruction and the rubble, the true Texas spirit shined as neighbors opened their doors for families who lost everything, and strangers came from all ends of the state to help these two resilient communities rebuild what was lost.

Throughout this difficult week the mayors and local leaders did a tremendous job of coordinating with the communities to effectively work through this situation. I would like to commend the local leaders in each of these communities for their strength and leadership during this challenging time. As we continue to work through the next steps of this process, I would like to assure the community that your leaders are working to ensure North Texans receive the assistance they need.

On the federal level, I have been in close contact with FEMA to discuss the next steps once the disaster area is assessed and properly surveyed by officials. I will continue to work closely with FEMA, local officials in Garland and Rowlett, and the Governor to ensure that the people of North Texas have the resources that they need to rebuild their homes and community.

If you have been affected by these storms and need assistance please click here to learn more about the shelters, resources, and services near you. If you would like to help with the relief efforts, please contact Kim Locus at [email protected] to join members of my staff in Garland and Rowlett on Saturday.

May God bless the people of North Texas and everyone affected by these devastating storms.


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