House Republicans Combat the Opioid Epidemic

Every 19 minutes a person in the United States dies from an overdose on opiates, and the average time between taking that first prescription and death is only 31 months. Just as there is no single source of blame, there is no single solution. House Republicans made a promise to address the growing opioid epidemic in the United States, and this week passed 18 bills that take important steps to conquer this widespread problem.

Action is necessary to save our friends, family members and children who are a part of this shocking statistic and I was happy to see an amendment I submitted to H.R. 4641 pass the House. I am pleased that the House adopted my amendment to H.R. 4641 to ensure that the interagency task force reviews existing programs in the private sector and state and local governments that address these issues. The drug crisis in our country has become an increasingly alarming problem and I am pleased that my colleagues took a positive step in the right direction to combat drug abuse in our communities.. This bill establishes an interagency task force to review, modify and update best practices for acute and chronic pain management. My common sense amendment ensures the task force takes into consideration already existing private sector, state and local government efforts related to pain management. I look forward to continued discussions about helping those battling opioid addiction during the House and Senate conference.


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