Merry Christmas!

"Christmas" means different things to different people.

Each year my heart seems to focus upon a different meaning of Christmas. But this year my heart returns its focus upon one undeniable fact: More than 2,000 years ago, Jesus came to this world in bodily form and in only three years introduced a way of thinking that has been adopted by billions of people throughout history.  This philosophy has flourished despite ancient and contemporary persecutions.  This philosophy has set high standards in not only how we view ourselves, but others.  This philosophy has also set high standards in how we are to conduct our daily lives.  While we who call ourselves Christians cannot claim perfection in either of the aforementioned standards, we can claim that most of us are trying to be better than we were.

While secular historians and others may reject the Divinity of Jesus, no respected historian can credibly dispute that there was a historical Jesus.  Personally, I embrace the concept that Jesus was Divine.  Whether you believe in the Divinity of Jesus or not, I believe that we all can respect that Jesus came and that Jesus' philosophy still has the ability to positively change lives.

Merry Christmas to all of you - Christian and non-Christian - and may the teachings of Jesus positively change your life this coming year.  


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