No More Boots On The Ground In Iraq Or Syria

Has not enough American blood been shed in the Middle East already without the hoped for results? Let’s stop and think about why the culture of the Middle East cannot and will not be changed by more American military on the ground.

For centuries the conflict between warring tribes of Sunnis and Shiites have been unrelenting.

Temporary cessations of the fighting has been just that—temporary.

Even if America should become re-involved in a ground war with ISIS, even if successful, how long would it be before the tribal civil warfare would be re-ignited?

All of the neo-con scare talk about the threat to the United States if ISIS is not defeated overlooks the continuing threat to our national security posed by our open borders. Already thousands of other-than-Mexicans are crossing our open border and pose a threat to our national security. The welcome mat is out to those who would violently attack us with dirty bombs and our presence in Jihadist states would not change that, but cost us dearly in American lives and treasure.

I support the killing of Jihadists through air strikes and cessation of dollars in aid. American support in the form of military supplies to Israel and other groups who can be trusted to fight the Jihadists without the loss of more American lives would be a better strategy.

America does not need another no-win war! Close our borders now!


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