Unbelievable What Hillary Clinton Did In Haiti

Margaret Sanger would be proud of her protege. That Hillary Clinton showcases the racist spirit of the women who called black people “human weeds,” and whose namesake award was given to Hillary.

File this under, “This Democrats Don’t Want You To Know About Racist Hillary Clinton,” but as Groopseak reported,

In Haiti, people work for peanuts. Slave wages. Less than $5 per day, but they supply the U.S. with tons of affordable clothing from big-name brands like Levi’s, Hanes and Polo. Haiti’s big advantage, compared to Asia, is their proximity to us, and thousands of Haitians are employed in the textile industry in part because of that. When Haiti passed a wage raise from $.24 per hour to $.61 per hour, American companies were predictably outraged.

U.S. companies, especially the clothing manufacturers, outsource their manufacturing to places like Haiti specifically because they can get away with paying slave wages. They would only support a minimum wage increase to $.31 per hour, and decided to get the U.S. Department of State involved to try and pressure Haiti’s government to keep the wage raise down.

This took place in 2011, and Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State. Our corporations were successful, and Haitians continued to work for worse slave wages than they otherwise would have, all so U.S. corporations could take home higher profits.

So in case you’re wonder why Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to reveal the content of her speeches, here is your answer.

The article continues,

At the time, the U.S. Embassy said that the wage increase didn’t take economic realities into account, and that it was a move designed specifically to appeal to the unemployed and underpaid masses of Haiti. Imagine that. Imagine trying to help your people have a better life instead of catering to huge corporations at your people’s expense. The horror.

What economic realities? Like those plaguing the United States? No jobs and a completely inept government?

Just recently the White House proposed LOWERING the minimum wage in Puerto Rico to $4.25 per hour due to their massive debt. Yet in America where we have an even bigger debt, the very same White House wants to almost double the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Where’s the logic with these morons?

Hillary Clinton is the typical Liberal, a deceptive lying snake, and we are far too nice in dealing with them…Liberals, that is. The only thing keeping the Clintons out of jail is the corrupt elitist system that is now disguised as the United States government.


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