(VIDEO) Rick Perry: 'How Many Americans Have to Die on the Border?'

Governor Rick Perry went "On the Record" Monday night to discuss the Texas economy and the Texas-Mexico border.

Rick Perry on broder security:

Five Texans lost their lives last week, including a Texas National Guard troop in Juarez who was killed. My question to this Administration: How many Americans have to die on that border before you really understand we need boots on the ground, a law enforcement presence, national guard troops, predator drones flying in the air, that technology those pieces of equipment have to give realtime information to our law enforcement, to the local police chiefs. We know how to secure our border, but this Administration and frankly, this Congress, have been abject failures and have been for some many years now, but we're seeing our citizens being killed, and this is unacceptable. 

...Mexico is our number one trading partner. This is really important for Texans to get it right, but we've got to secure that border first. That is the first order of business. 



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