Want to See Hollywood’s View of “Family”?

Hollywood loves to promote people behaving badly. Remember Amarosa, from The Apprentice?

Because Hollywood has run out of originality, it relies on “reality” TV. And when that doesn’t work, Hollywood asks people to “create” reality.

If you’re wondering where the NextGen or Millennials get their behaviors, one doesn’t have to look too hard on cable TV to find it. Bad Girls Club, Rich Housewives, and so on all get their ratings from showcasing people, usually women, being catty, conniving, and downright deceitful.

Recently T.D. Jakes, megachurch pastor, chastised the participants on one such “reality” show, as reported in The Blaze:

Bishop T.D. Jakes, lead preacher at The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas, delivered an excoriating lecture to famed singer Toni Braxton and her sisters, calling them “flat-out spoiled,” and accusing them of acting “disgraceful” towards the “millions of people of color” who idolize them.

Jakes, a popular megachurch pastor who appeared as part of an intervention and spiritual counseling session that aired on WEtv’s “Braxton Family Values” on Thursday night, held little back in rebuking the bickering sisters, who star together on the reality show.

“This [toxicity] is nauseating. If you were my daughters, I would go ballistic. They’d have to cut the cameras off,” Jakes told the women. “This is a disgrace to all of the millions of people of color who idolize you, who wish their family could get out and to get along enough to get a shot like you guys — and to see you climb all the way up here and talk to each other like this. It hurts us in places beyond your family.”

Jakes was just getting started, too, as he proceeded to tell the Braxtons specifics about how negatively he believes they’ve been acting.

“You’re spoiled. You’re flat-out spoiled,” the preacher said. “I deal with people who have real problems — people who are losing their limbs, who need a kidney transplant — and those families go through that with more dignity than you can go through who stood on stage?”

As he continued his tirade against the women, Braxton family members, including Toni, simply stared at him in what appeared to be a mixture of shock and shame, as he proceeded to call them ungrateful, chiding their behavior as entirely problematic and inappropriate.

“To see you in these fancy shoes and these nice clothes, and act like this,” he said. “How can we teach our children to respect black women if black women don’t respect black women? This has got to stop.”

Jakes pretty much summed up pop culture and Liberalism in one fell swoop. Most of these shows merely show that just because you get money doesn’t mean you evolve.

As the saying goes, more money tends to showcase one’s character flaws even more.


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