Water is Life

When the sun barely peeks over the sky, millions of women and children across the developing world wake up and make their daily, dangerous walk in search of the necessity of life: water. They walk for miles in water-scarce regions to a well or polluted river for water.

During these long walks, they are often put at risk of sexual abuse and assault. Also, bad guys control the wells and abuse women in return for the sometimes polluted water.

The time-consuming search for water results in rape, pregnancy, child kidnapping, and high educational dropout rates. Access to water, sanitation, and hygiene prevents disease.

It also improves the safety and security of women and children across the entire world. It is encouraging to see our Nation and Congress recognizing water as the global security crisis that it is and the need to build capacity to clean water.

With our God-given resources, we have it within our power and our duty to help others access clean water—the key to life.

And that is just the way it is.



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