Fiesta 2010: Latino National Republican Coalition of Texas

This convention, I personally witnessed Republican delegates and volunteer party activists put on a performance for the ages. Thousands, tirelessly working around the clock to make sure that the grassroots of Texas could speak with authority by the end of the convention. Even for our Fiesta, many of our LNRC members arrived late, smiling but exhausted after days of grueling discussion and meetings about how best to lead the Republican Party. Our Liaison to the Republican Party of Texas, James Barnes ran in from his late night Rules Committee meeting, our North Texas Chairwoman Dianne Costa joined other committed Republicans by getting in their last words with the hard working Platform committe members, then taking a 11 p.m. taxi to the Hyatt Regency where all the festivities were already taking place.

It is clear that Texas remains strongly Republican because it is supported by strong citizens that take their duty of civic participation to heart. Amidst all of the convention activities, the Latino National Republican Coalition of Texas welcomed its membership to enjoy a night of energy as we pounded the "Nancy Pelosi" Donkey Pinata to pieces! The media and Democrats may desparately try to push their pitiful propaganda that Americans of Latino descent are an unapproachable, enigmatic voting bloc, but we know that in reality we are natural conservatives, passionate about fighting for a better Texas.

The Republican Party is being heavily reinforced with more firepower as we compete and scare the living daylights out of the Democrats who are clinging to their previously unchallenged seats. Fellow Republicans should know that we have leaders with the principles and statemanship needed to manuever Texas in perilous times. The LNRC of Texas is gearing up for November 2010, and together we are confident that we will change history.


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