Global Warming Made It "Less Cool"

"Cold prompts grizzly bear attack warning: 'Unseasonably cold temps have made food scarce for bears, pushing them closer to towns to find more' "

"Not so peachy: Ohio cold snap takes bite out of local peach harvest"

"Iceland's Potato Crops endangered by unusual Coldness"

"3,000 Low Temp Records Set in U.S. This July! - Sea-surface temps drop as well!"

These headlines are just a small sample of recent reports of record cold temperatures around the globe.

Texas GOP Vote has been stressing the negative repercussions that are to brought forth by the Waxman-Markey (or,  as one of our readers called it: the Taxman-Malarkey bill) cap-and-trade bill (HR 2454). This "cap-and-tax" bill will allow the federal government to oversee and control factories, refineries, and power-plants by allotting pollution allowances that can be bought and sold with hopes of hindering global warming. But why is Congress trying so hard to pass this bill, when temperatures around the world are dropping?

In a Climate Depot article, Marc Morano explains that "the year 2009 is proving to be a yet another very inconvenient year for the promoters of man-made global warming fears." So how do these man-made climate fear promoters explain the recent record cold temperatures? "Global Warming made it less cool." That is "less cool" than the year before. Well, wouldn't this be a good thing if "global cooling" is having such an negative impact around the world? The "Union of Concerned Scientists may soon be one step away from recommending that Americans idle their SUVs in the driveway to make it even “less cool” in the future."

As temperatures are failing to rise as predicted, proponents of global warming bills such as the cap-and-trade bill are trying to come up with any excuse they can to pass the bill and tax us more. More and more evidence is coming forth proving that global warming is not an issue at the moment. Soon the Obama Administration will be coming out with a new bill that will tax us in order to prevent "global cooling."


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