Americans Are Fed Up With Secretary Mayorkas, and Rightfully So

When I’m home in Texas, the number one issue my constituents are concerned with is the border. The chaos and destruction are a result of the Biden administration's open border policies and Secretary Mayorkas' failed leadership. People are angry, and rightfully so. 

President Biden has all the tools necessary to fix our border immediately by returning to effective policies utilized under the prior administration — like Remain in Mexico — yet he refuses. And our country is paying the price.

As President Biden’s head of the Department of Homeland Security, Secretary Mayorkas took an oath to protect our nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Yet, as every Texan knows, he has violated that oath.

His dereliction of duty has led to over eight million encounters; more than 300 individuals on the terror watchlist apprehended; at least 2.3 million aliens released into the interior of the United States — enough to fill 13 states; and 200,000 young Americans dead due to fentanyl poisoning. 

He deserves to be held accountable for damaging the fabric of our nation. House Republicans will continue to fight until that happens.

This week, I was appointed by Speaker Johnson to serve as an impeachment manager for the Senate trial, once the articles of impeachment pass the House. I look forward to using my experience as a federal prosecutor to defend our Constitution and the safety of the American people.

To hear my full remarks on the House floor, click below.


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