Brady, Olson Hear From Texas Medical Center Officials On Medicaid & Obamacare Issues

Congressmen Kevin Brady and Pete Olson heard from officials at the Texas Medical Center about challenges related to the solvency and political futures of Medicaid, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). They were joined by Dr. Richard E. Wainerdi, President and CEO of TMC who spoke at the media availability after the meeting.

Below are excerpts from the event:

Rep. Kevin Brady said, "What Ive heard from key stakeholders is that there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding healthcare in America, building decisions are being put on hold, that in effect, one sixth of the US economy is essentially frozen. What we heard is that ObamaCare provide the wrong incentives, for people to get insurance, for businesses to continue to offer insurance."

Rep. Pete Olson said, "What we heard today wasnt good, lots of uncertainty that strangles job creation, strangles new medical techniques, new physicians coming into practice..."

Dr. Wainerdi said, "The healthcare industry is basically at a standstill...its having a very adverse affect on people coming into the field, and what its going to look like...basically the unanimous position was certainty is lacking."


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