Cameras in the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the United States heard the historical case of United States v. Texas, on Monday, regarding executive overreach. People all over the country are interested in this case, but only a handful of spectators could see the public proceedings.

The courtroom is small, and seating is limited. If the public has the right to be present in the courtroom of the Supreme Court, the public should be allowed to view the proceedings in their entirety on television or through live streaming.

Imagine the benefit to law school students to see actual proceedings of the Supreme Court. Also, the public is concerned and wants to know what happens behind those closed doors.

It is time to educate the world about what actually occurs in the most important court in the world—the United States Supreme Court.

I was one of the first judges in Texas to allow cameras in the courtroom.

All the naysayers said it wouldn’t work, but it did. It was a benefit to all. Let the world know what happens in the Supreme Court.

Allow these cameras. Currently, Representative Connolly from Virginia and I are cosponsoring a bill to do exactly this. It is better to show all of the proceedings to the public than to rely on a 30-second sound bite from a news reporter on television during the 5 o’clock news.

And that is just the way it is.


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