Congressman Ted Poe Statement On The European Union Reversing Designation Of Hamas As Terrorist Organization

Today, the European Union did an about-face of the worst kind, reversing their designation of Hamas as a terrorist organization. The General Court of the EU found that the original decision to include Hamas as a terrorist organization was made in haste based on news and media reports and not a “concrete examination” of their acts.

This could not be further from the truth. Hamas is a terrorist organization. Recognizing its political legitimacy would be rewarding terrorists for being terrorists. A legitimate political actor does not use terrorism for political gain.

Hamas has not disavowed terrorism; it has embraced it. A legitimate political actor does not call for the wiping out of an entire people. Hamas not only refuses to recognize the state of Israel, it publicly calls for its annihilation and the annihilation of all Jews around the world. Although this unfortunate decision by the EU may breathe new life into Hamas, an appeal must be made as soon as possible to ensure that the Gaza-based group remains on the terror list. The world must stand with Israel and strongly oppose EU actions to legitimize a terrorist group that is masquerading as a legitimate political organization.


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