Cornyn on Arrest of Armed Man Near Kavanaugh’s Home

After reports of police detaining an armed man near Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home who threatened to kill the Justice, I released the following statement calling on the House of Representatives to pass my Supreme Court Police Parity Act:

The arrest of this individual proves these threats to the Justices’ lives are horrifyingly real, and it’s unconscionable for House Democrats to leave their families without police protection for even one more day. Speaker Pelosi must keep the House in session until they pass my bill. Every day they don’t the threat to the Justices grows, the potential for tragedy becomes more likely, and House Democrats achieve a new apex of political dysfunction.


If enacted, the Supreme Court Police Parity Act would extend security protection to Supreme Court Justices and their families in line with what is provided to certain Article I and Article II officers and their families. The legislation passed the Senate in early May and has been awaiting action in the House for nearly a month.


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