Cornyn: BBB Punt Another Missed Deadline by Schumer

I recently highlighted Senate Democrats’ inability to meet their own deadline on their Build Back Better legislation. Excerpts of my remarks made on the Senate floor are below, and video can be found here.

“I want to look back over some of the deadlines that the Majority Leader, the Senator from New York, has set for Senate action, and to ask whether these sort of arbitrary deadlines and attempts to do legislation essentially along party lines is the right way to actually get things done.”

“When one party or the other attempts to do things unilaterally, it usually means what you see here, which is one blown self-imposed deadline after another.”

“Our colleague from New York keeps setting deadlines and blowing right past them, and it looks like he's about to add another one to the list.”

“Senator Schumer's latest deadline for the Build Back Bankrupt bill is December 25. That's Christmas. And while he has yet to make an official announcement, news reports are starting to confirm what we've known all along: that the Senate will not vote on this bill by Christmas.”

“They've got a lot of roadblocks to overcome.”

“The Congressional Budget Office now says this legislation, if in place for a full ten years, would cost $4.9 trillion. That's on top of the almost $2 trillion our colleagues spent unilaterally earlier in this year.”

“It would give massive tax breaks to the wealthy while increasing taxes on the middle class, it would literally cut funding for safety net hospitals and drive the national debt to unimaginable heights, and finally, and maybe most importantly, it would hand to the federal government decisions that should be made by families.”

“The Democratic Leader is on track to miss yet another deadline.”


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