Cornyn Statement on Justice Breyer Announcement

I released the following statement after the announcement that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer would retire at the end of the Court’s current term:

Justice Breyer has faithfully served our nation’s judicial system for more than four decades, earning a reputation as an impartial and evenhanded arbiter of the law. Recently, Justice Breyer has defended the Supreme Court as an institution and fought to maintain public trust in the judiciary. I have disagreed with his rulings many times over the years, but I maintain deep respect for his steadfast commitment to the rule of law and the integrity of our judicial system.

I thank Justice Breyer for his devoted service to our country and wish him and his family a happy and well-deserved retirement.

There will be immense pressure from the radical left to replace Justice Breyer with a partisan who will legislate from the bench, and I hope President Biden will not cave to their demands the way he has on nearly everything else over the past year. President Biden should honor the legacy of Justice Breyer and nominate another experienced jurist who respects the current structure and limited role of the Supreme Court.

Whoever the President nominates will be treated fairly and with the dignity and respect someone of his or her caliber deserves, something not afforded to Justice Kavanaugh and other Republican nominees in the past.


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