Countering Iranian Aggression

Recently Iran attacked Israel on Israeli soil for the first time ever. Thankfully, Israel shot down 99 percent of these rockets and drones, in collaboration with the U.S., UK, Jordan, and other partners and allies. I talked more about the implications of this event and Congress' efforts to hold the regime and its proxies accountable on Face the Nation.

This attack was a major escalation of tensions in the region and proves Iran is becoming more and more aggressive. I spoke on the House floor about two House Foreign Affairs Committee bills that would counter the Iranian regime and its proxies and give Congress a say in any effort to extend financial relief.

Every dollar that goes to the Iranian regime, in any form, has the potential to be deadly, and the events of this past weekend demonstrated that. Yet the Biden administration has repeatedly extended financial relief to Iran in an appeasement effort. These bills would ensure the U.S. maintains pressure on Iran, the leading state sponsor of terror. Watch my remarks here.



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