Democrat Document Demands a ‘Fishing Expedition’ on Kavanaugh

Today on the floor, I discussed the latest Democrat stall tactic to delay Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.  

In that short period of time, we've seen some of our friends across the aisle run through an almost impressive set of rhetorical calisthenics in an attempt to tank Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation before it even really had a chance to begin. ‘He will overturn this case, or this law,’ they claim. ‘He won't be a check on the president,’ they've tried to say. They've even suggested that he charged too much for baseball season tickets on his credit card. Horror of horrors! Multiple fact checkers have debunked each of these claims so they have moved on.

More recently, we've heard from some of our Democrat colleagues that they want to view every single piece of paper, every email, every memo, every document that passed across Brett Kavanaugh's desk at any point in his career. Now, reviewing relevant and important documents is a perfectly normal part of confirming a judicial nominee. But using that as an excuse to delay, foot-drag, and obstruct is not acceptable. We know that the effort to get every memo from the Bush White House during the time he served as staff secretary there is really laughable and is only a fishing expedition designed to delay his confirmation until after the Supreme Court begins its work the first Monday in October.

Is what President Bush had for dinner fourteen years ago relevant to Judge Kavanaugh's fitness to serve on the Supreme Court?

Just as the committee quickly processed Justice Kagan in 2010, who spent many years in the Clinton White House, I'm confident we can expeditiously and efficiently review Judge Kavanaugh's background and relevant materials so we can make sure that the vote on his confirmation occurs before the Supreme Court reconvenes in October.


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