French Establishment Up in Arms at Actor Gérard Depardieu

French actor Gérard Depardieu elicited a barrage of criticism for leaving France and settling in Belgium on the grounds that he has had it with “redistribution” and “paying, in 2012, an 85 percent tax-rate on my income tax.”

Writes Forbes: “The actor was heavily criticized. The Prime Minister called him a ‘pathetic’ character; the minister of labor, Michel Sapin, said he went into ‘personal degeneration’; the minister of culture, Aurélie Filippetti, was ‘totally scandalized’; the minister of the relations with the parliament, Alain Vitalies, was ‘shocked’; and the head of the Socialist Party, Harlem Désir, was ‘saddened.’”

French citizenship, added the outraged minister of culture, “is an honor,” partly because it gives one the opportunity “to pay taxes.”

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