Granger Secures Major Funding Victories for Texas in FY22 Funding Bills

As Republican Leader of the House Appropriations Committee, I released the following statement upon passage of the House of Representative funding bills for Fiscal Year 2022.

As the Republican Leader of the Appropriations Committee, I fought for and secured major funding that is vital to our local economies both in the metroplex and North Texas. Republicans, over the objections of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, were able to restore pro-life provisions, curb wasteful spending by slashing the President’s requested increase in domestic spending, and provide our Armed Forces with the critical resources they need. Just as I have done since my first day in Congress, I will continue to advocate for the needs of our community and never stop fighting to bring new jobs to North Texas.


Creating & Supporting Jobs in North Texas Defense Industry

  • Funds 85 new F-35 Joint Strike Fighters built and assembled in TX-12.
    • Supports over 17 suppliers that represent 49,000 direct and indirect jobs.
    • Funds the development, modernization, and engine enhancement of the F-35 aircraft produced locally in Fort Worth.
  • Provides a $77.5 million increase for the Army’s Future Vertical Lift program to replace outdated helicopters.
    • Supports over 5,000 jobs locally in North Texas.
  • Provides 12 additional V-22s for the Navy and Marine Corps, supporting an extensive Bell Textron presence in the Fort Worth area.
    • In the metroplex, there are 15 suppliers and vendors who support the production, engineering, and manufacturing of the V-22.
  • Prevents the decommissioning of three Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) before the end of their useful life. This includes prohibiting the decommissioning of LCS-3, the USS Fort Worth.
    • The USS Fort Worth was commissioned in 2012.
    • Congresswoman Granger successfully fought to include language to save the USS Fort Worth from early retirement by the Navy.

Expanding Texas Infrastructure

  • Includes a Ports-to-Plains highway designation to create a new vital interstate route through Texas and New Mexico, bringing significant opportunities for economic growth in Texas.

Securing The Texas Border

  • Prevents the Biden Administration’s plan to cancel $1.9 billion of existing border wall funding.
  • Increases funding for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement by $400 million, including funds to continue President Trump’s successful   “Remain-in-Mexico” program.
  • Provides over $110 million for combatting the drug crisis facing our nation that has taken the lives of hundreds of Texan children and young adults over the past year.

Protecting Life

  • Protects the unborn by maintaining all existing pro-life funding restrictions across all bills.
  • Does not include any language that would promote abortions on demand or the abortion industry, within the U.S. or abroad.

Supporting Farmers and Ranchers

  • Provides $5 million to combat the feral hog population in Texas and other southern states.
  • Includes language to address cattle fever tick which is causing economic devastation in Texas.
  • Provides $20.8 million for the Circuit Rider Program to ensure rural water systems can continue providing hands-on training and resources to   non-profit water supply corporations, water districts, and small cities like many of those in TX-12.
  • Provides $6.5 million for the Rural Micro-Entrepreneurial Assistance Program to help small, rural businesses secure funding for starting and growing their business.

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