House Intelligence 702 Creates Dangerous Playing Field

The House Intelligence Committee’s decision to move on their own version of FISA legislation without adequate Constitutional protections for Americans is disturbing and creates a dangerous playing field for the future of 702. Anything less than a full 4th amendment warrant requirement based on probable cause means that the continual, warrantless spying on American Citizens will be permitted to continue.   FISA was created to go after Foreign Agents and terrorists, not Americans. Now our privacy will be denied by the fact that these warrantless searches will continue.  In recent years the perception around the world is that the US is no longer the leader in privacy.  The ideals that were born in this country are now are weaker here than in other areas of the world.  We must be clear, anything less than a pure warrant requirement for any search on American persons in the 702 database is a failure of this body to protect the Constitutional rights of American citizens.


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