The Hungry Russian Bear

In the sky above eastern Ukraine, a surface-to-air missile was launched, and it destroyed a Malaysian civilian airliner. The dastardly deed killed – rather, murdered ---298 people. It appears the missile and launcher were Russian. The individuals shooting down the plane were so-called “Russian backed separatists” in Ukraine. Apparently the crash, which is a crime scene on the ground, is controlled by pro-Russian sympathizers, and it has been compromised by unknown malcontents.

It seems to me the Russian emperor Putin--- the Napoleon of Siberia-- has his pitiful, complicit fingerprints all over the Lusitania-type incident. This is the latest in a series of aggressive acts by the Russian bear. In 2008 the Russians invaded the sovereign nation of Georgia. The bear gobbled up one-third of the nation. The world leaders protested loudly, but they were glad it wasn't their homelands. Then the world moved on.

The Russian tanks still are in Georgia. I have seen them. The bear hibernated and woke up hungry in 2013 and invaded Crimea- a part of the country of Ukraine- to satisfy its appetite for more aggression. Now, the Russians unlawfully occupy Crimea. The world leaders, once again, voiced opposition but went back to their policy of appeasement.

But Crimea did not fill the belly of the bear. So, still hungry, the bear of the north moved into eastern Ukraine looking for more prey. It subversively has supported insurrection against Ukrainian government to gain more territory. Reports indicate Russian special forces are playing the role of pro-Russian separatists. Battles are being fought. People are dying. Russian imperialism persists in its aggression.

Then, recently, the Malaysian airplane was shot down over Ukraine. Also, in the last 24 hours, two Ukrainian military jets were shot down by Russian-backed rebels. The world leaders are self-righteously outraged. However, nothing has stopped the bear.

What will the heads of state do? Will the leaders continue to take the position that the bear hasn't eaten them, they will do little but pontificate and hope the bear’s appetite is satisfied? Maybe the bear will hibernate again. Madam Speaker, but when it wakes up- like it always does--- it will wake up hungry.Then, when it roars who will be devoured next, The rest of Ukraine? Or maybe Moldavia ? Or Latvia? Or Estonia? Or Poland? Or just another innocent group of men women and children on a civilian airplane?

Only Putin knows what the awaking roar of the Russian bear will bring to the rest of humanity. Appeasement certainly doesn’t seem to be working, and it is not the answer to stopping aggression.

Madam Speaker, there is not one bold Churchill to be found amidst the overpopulated, boastful Chamberlins?

And that’s just the way it is.


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