Kavanaugh Documents More Than Twice that of Past SCOTUS Noms

This week, at a press conference, I highlighted the work Chairman Grassley and the Senate Judiciary Committee have done in ensuring a thorough vetting process for Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation with more than 400,000 documents produced. Excerpts are below, and video can be found here

Chairman Grassley has, I think, done a good job shepherding this nomination through the committee, making not only Judge Kavanaugh but also his record available to members of the Judiciary Committee who are going to question him starting perhaps next Wednesday.

The best evidence of how Judge Kavanaugh will perform on the bench is how he has done in the last twelve years as a member of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

And in total, there are more than 400,000 individual pages of documents that have been produced. Judge Gorsuch had the most until now, of 180,000 pages of documents, so this has been the most productive, in terms of the documents, vetting process of any nominee for the United States Supreme Court, and I look forward, along with the rest of the Senate, in performing our constitutional duties beginning next week providing advice and consent on this important nomination.


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