Let’s Shine Some Light on Health Care Costs

Rep. Jodey Arrington (TX-19) participated in a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on health care price transparency. 

To watch Rep. Arrington’s remarks, click here

“On the drug pricing side, me and some of my Democrat colleagues were able to pass the ‘Shop RX,’ which requires insurance providers to provide to physicians and patients information on different drugs: generics, branded, the cost, where they can find it. I thought this was a step in the right direction, especially for our seniors. It gives them that real shopping experience right there at the touch of a smartphone and in consultation with their physician. This is two and a half years later since we passed the bill. CMS has still not promulgated a single rule to implement it.”

“I truly believe we all want to make health care more affordable for our constituents, for the American people. I think we all recognize the system is failing patients. We may have the best physicians and the best technology, and the best facilities, but this is an embarrassment in that we can’t get any of those things to function efficiently for the desired outcome.”


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