McCaul Named Most Effective Republican of the 116th House of Representatives

Last week, the Center for Effective Lawmaking released their Legislative Effectiveness Scores highlighting the accomplishments of Congressional lawmakers of the 116th Congress. I was ranked the most effective Republican lawmaker in the House of Representatives.

Effective lawmaking starts by reaching across the aisle to create legislation that will greatly benefit the American people. Through my bipartisan partnerships, I have been able to pass legislation that combats human trafficking, increases funding for childhood cancer research, holds the Chinese Communist Party accountable, creates new job opportunities for Americans, and so much more. In the 117th Congress, I look forward to introducing more legislation that will positively impact our nation for generations to come.

In addition to my top ranking for Republican House members, I was named the third most effective in the entire 116th House of Representatives, despite being in the minority. I also received the highest score among Texas lawmakers. 

Find the full list of most effective lawmakers of the 116th Congress here.


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