Obama Establishes Anti-“Fake News” Agency

Well, that escalated quickly.

We’re hearing all about the problems with alleged “fake news.” Now there’s a provision in the National Defense Authorization Act, just signed by President Obama, that will crack down on it.

Oh, just to further “American national security interests,” of course, so there’s no possibility that it might be used to undermine the free flow of ideas or anything.

The provision establishes the Global Engagement Center, which coordinates efforts to “recognize, understand, expose, and counter foreign state and non-state propaganda and disinformation efforts aimed at undermining United Sates national security interests.”

Non-governmental agencies are authorized grants to “collect and store examples in print, online, and social media, disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda” directed at the U.S. and its allies, as well as “counter efforts by foreign entities to use disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda to influence the policies and social and political stability” of the U.S. and allied nations.

See how the “fake news” and “Russia hacked the election” ideas benefit the state? They justify further state power.

How much debate or discussion occurred in connection with this? I think you know the answer.

Of course, the absurdity of all this should be obvious: who has spread more lies and “fake news” than the U.S. government itself?

Who can outdo our mainstream media when it comes to fake stories they later apologize for because independent journalists and bloggers embarrass them into doing so?

Who spreads more nonsense about U.S. history and economics than our own professors of these subjects?

It’s a truly upside-down world.

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