Obama’s Agenda: Arming and Training Syrian Rebels While Disarming American Citizens

I find it interesting that so many of our legislators today support the idea of arming and training Syrian Rebels -  many of whom are the same people who support more gun control laws here at home.

Arming and training foreign troops has not worked so well for us, so why do Obama and his democrat buddies think this time will be different?

Did ISIS not arm itself with U.S. taxpayer-funded firearms when the Iragi troops, (trained by Americans) cowered and ran when faced by enemy forces?

I find it outrageous that Obama and his supportive lawmakers are so quick to arm Syrian rebels, yet have issues with allowing Americans at home the same basic human right to keep and bear arms to defend life and liberty.

Perhaps, it's that part about keeping tyranny at bay on the home turf that our government doesn’t like.



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