Red Light Camera Slayer Michael Kubosh Seeks Houston Council Position

Kubosh Speaks to ReportersTexas has entered the political 'silly season.'  If you're a NASCAR fan, you know what I'm talking about — the time when drivers and sponsors jump around from car to car.  All around us, current officeholders are deciding to either 'hang it up' or 'step it up.'  Governor Perry announced that he'll 'hang it up' as our Governor instead of seeking reelection in 2014.  Now come Tom Pauken and Attorney General Greg Abbott both looking to 'step it up' and make an attempt to be the new Governor of Texas. Meanwhile, David Dewhurst is aiming to keep his job as Lieutenant Governor, and Jerry Patterson and Dan Patrick have their eye on taking it from him.

But let's not forget about the municipal positions, like school boards, MUD's and city councils.  After all, grassroots grow in your backyard! Usually, local races like this don't get a lot of attention, because unlike the state and national level politics, they don't show themselves as glamorous. They are, however, often the only times that we as voters get a substantial say in how our governments and municipalities are run.

The candidacy of Michael Kubosh for the at-large City of Houston Council Position 3, announced earlier this year, is particularly newsworthy.  If you are thinking that you may have heard his name before, I'll give you a hint: "red light cameras."  But that's not all Kubosh is known for.  He, along with his two brothers, runs a successful family business, Kubosh Bail Bonding, which he was working on long before he was taking the City of Houston to task over the red light camera dispute.  Michael agreed to sit down with Texas GOP Vote to answer some questions about himself and his city council race.

 Kelly Horsley: Michael, your name is synonymous with the red light cameras controversy.  Share with our readers why you wanted the cameras to be removed in the first place?

The cameras increased accidents at the intersections where they were set.  They were not about safety, they were abut revenue; and that's wrong.  When the government establishes laws that violate our rights and freedoms, that's wrong.  Furthermore, there was never a vote by the people, it was decided by politicians and political cronies, and we can see what happens when they're in charge and left unchallenged.

Kelly Horsley:   You've been instrumental in helping others in the political arena by endorsing and contributing to campaigns.  What prompted you to put your name on the ballot as a candidate for City Council position 3?

It's time for an outsider to be put on the inside so we have someone that will tell the taxpayers the truth about what their government is doing with their money. I will push the limits of free speech and not be afraid to speak out on the issues. I love the Constitution, and  those rights should be exercised regularly otherwise they could be lost.  I plan to do just that, and make sure others have that same right.

Kelly Horsley: You've poked fun at City of Houston Mayor, Annise Parker, on Twitter by commenting on her tweet to Dwight Howard about reasons to come to Houston and you added, "and NO Red Light Cameras."  If elected to council, do you see yourself being able to work well with the Mayor, given your opposition to the red light cameras and other issues, i.e. feeding ordinances?

I can work with anyone that is fair and honest with the people.  If working with her means I have to throw out elections, I cannot work with her. If working with her means lying about the City budget and financial future of our city, I cannot work with her. However, if we can have a fair, open and honest debate about the issues even when we disagree I can certainly work with her. If re-elected she would be the rightfully elected Mayor and as such should be respected as much. But if reelected as Mayor she will be just that — a Mayor — not a tyrant not a queen. Ultimately, as elected  officials, we work for the people.


Just a little taste of what we can expect from the Kubosh campaign.  As I said before, 'silly season' is ramping up.  Can't you hear the 'get out the vote' engines revving and volunteer tires squealing at the starting line, just waiting to peel off and race toward victory lane?  No?  Well, come a little closer and maybe you too can be part of a winning team!  November will be here before you know it!


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