Republicans Support Rule of Law

The following commentary was written by George Huntoon, Harris County Republican.

Word is leaking out—Republicans are worried. The midterms will be close, and campaign staff are seeking every advantage. Here’s one tactic the GOP should consider—defend the special counsel.

This may be heresy to my fellow Trump supporters, who’d like to see Rod Rosenstein impeached and Robert Mueller fired. I understand their frustration. The problem is that many swing voters frankly don’t.

Independents believe the rule of law is at risk and that’s energizing the left. The Russia investigation has netted twelve indictments of foreigners and several guilty pleas. At this point, claiming it’s a witch hunt is unconvincing.

With only weeks left, the GOP could take some wind out of Democratic sails with a different tack. There is little danger for the President in the Russia probe, so let Mueller work, let the investigation clear Trump, and let’s win again until we can’t stand any more winning.


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