A Strong Start to the 114th Congress

Last week I returned to Washington for the start of the 114th Congress. Americas New Congress is the beginning of change in Washington with Republicans gaining a majority in both the House and the Senate. It is my hope that this new dynamic will now end the gridlock that has frustrated so many of us since I was first elected. Last Congress, the Republican controlled House passed over 350 bills that died in the Senate, and with new leadership under Sen. Mitch McConnell, we will finally be able to start putting legislation on the desk of the President and implement the agenda that a majority of Americans elected us for in November.

I am proud to represent the folks of the Coastal Bend, crossroads, and all of Texas’ 27th congressional district. I vow to work harder than ever to pass legislation that puts Texans first. My top priorities include securing our border, simplifying our tax code, removing over burdensome regulations that hurt small businesses and stifle job growth, reducing our budget deficit, repealing and replacing Obamacare, and reigning in waste, fraud, and abuse in our government. With a Republican majority, I believe many of these goals will be accomplished.


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