A Third Party Revival? Michael Bloomberg May Throw His Hat in the Ring

Richie Hecker has been involved in Venture Capital and startup economies between NYC and SF for the past decade. This morning, he announced the launch of Bloomberg Nation.

Following the grassroots leads that #BernieSanders supporters have made and capitalizing on candidates like Donald Trump turning Instagram into the new political attack ad platform, there is a unique opportunity for Hecker and his Technocrat peers to leverage social media for grassroots crowdsourcing and community based canvassing.

Hecker says “We think Mike is the best qualified candidate and that he will win once he announces. We believe he will be making a decision in the next week and are lining up resources to show our support.”

Technically, Michael Bloomberg has quite some time to announce, but will have to face the challenge of collecting supporter signatures to get on the ballot.

With the 21st century jury being housed in the courts of social media, lining up best minds to create the dialogue may just give Bloomberg an edge and an opportunity to change the conversation.

More on the grassroots campaign here: www.bloombergnation.com.


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