Harris County Judge Ed Emmett Swears in new Harris County Elected Officials.

In a ceremony attended by hundreds of friends, family and politico followers, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett presided over the swearing in of the newly elected Harris County officials.  On hand were our new County Clerk, District Clerk, and many judges. 

Judge Ed Emmett sworn inBefore he could swear in the other elected officials, Judge Emmett was first sworn in by fellow Rice University Alumni, Judge Jack Cagle.  Prior to this, Judge Emmett described the "non-defined" process for swearing in elected officials.  Some officials choose to have private swearing in ceremonies, some more public.  Some have been extravagant, and many not so.  This ceremony was very nice and, at a time of statewide budget problems, very low cost.

In a packed foyer of the County Civil Courts building, hundreds of family and friends were in attendence including Texas State Representatives Allen Fletcher and Debbie Riddle.  Representative Riddle was there as a proud mother, watching her daughter Christine Riddle Butts being sworn in as the new judge for Probate Court No. 4.

List of those sworn in today: (may not be complete as names were not listed individually)

  • Orlando Sanchez - County Treasurer
  • Stan Stanart - County Clerk
  • Chris Daniel - District Clerk
  • Denise Bradley - Judge, 280th Criminal District Court
  • Lynn Bradshaw Hull - Judge, 280th Family District Court
  • R. Jack Cagle - Judge, County Civil Court at Law No. 1
  • Christine Riddle Butts - Judge, Probate Court No. 4
  • Denise Collins - Judge, 208th Criminal District Court
  • Sheri Y. Dean - Judge, 309th Family District Court
  • Glenn Devlin - Judge, 313th Juvenile District Court
  • John Donovan - Judge, 313th Civil District Court
  • David farr - Judge, 312th Family District Court
  • Brent Gamble - Judge, 270th Civil District Court
  • Jay Karahan - Judge, County Criminal Court at Law No. 8
  • Mary Lou Keel - Judge, 232nd Criminal District Court
  • Jan Krocker - Judge, 184th Criminal District Court
  • Roberta Lloyd - Judge, County Civil Court at Law No. 4
  • Rory R. Olsen - Judge, Probate Court No. 3
  • Denise Pratt - Judge, 311th Family District Court
  • Armando Rodriguez - Judge, Justice of the Peace, Precinct 6, Place 2
  • Jeff Shadwick - Judge, 55th Civil District Court
  • Linda Storey - Judge, County Civil Court at Law No. 3
  • Analia Wilkerson - Judge, County Criminal Court at Law No. 3
  • Jeff Williams - Judge, Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5, Place 2
  • Loyd Wright - Judge, Probate Court No. 1
  • Jim York - Judge, 246th Family District Court

As there was not enough room for me to get everyone in one photograph, here is a left and right side view of the  swearing in ceremony...



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