Houston City Council District C Spotlight - Brian Cweren Discusses Issues (video)

On Tuesday, November 8, voters across Texas will go to the polls to decide many important issues and races. One of those races is that of Houston City Council, District C. I sat down this morning with candidate and long term Conservative activist Brian Cweren. We talked about many of the issues that are facing the voters of Houston. These issues apply across the City of Houston and in most other cities around Texas.

Cweren is a candidate with proven Conservative credentials. He has served the city in many positions having been appointed by multiple mayors to committees. He has a strong desire to make certain the mayor and the city deliver services to the people in a cost effective manner and that funds that are available be properly prioritized and allocated.

We discussed the city's new "Rain Tax" that was narrowly approved by voters in the last city election. While it did pass, Mayor Parker did not accurately portray how the "Fee" (TAX) would be applied. Cweren said he did not support Prop 1, and he voted against it. Now the voters have had some time to see that the facts of the issue were not fairly presented. Despite the fact that the voters of District C voted in favor of Prop 1, Cweren states that because the facts have changed, he would support those who would put a measure back on the ballot to rescind the previous charter amendment.

It is important that we establish more Conservative leadership on the Houston City Council. Cweren has been endorsed by many Harris County Conservatives including: former Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Paul Bettencourt, Commissioner Jack Cagle, former City Council Woman Toni Lawrence, former District C Councilmember Mark Goldberg, Harris County Treasurer Orlando Sanchez, Linda Vega with Republican Hispanic Citizens in Action, Former Texas Secretary of State and Republican Party of Texas Chairman George Strake, former City Council Woman Martha Wong, Constable Pam Matranga, and Host of PBS' "Red, White and Blue" Gary Polland.

As of now, voter turnout has been very low. Not only in this race but across the board. As a voter, that means your vote carries more weight. Less than 10% of the voters will decide who will be our government officials in this election. Local and school board elections are THE most important election you face. These representatives affect your lives and your pocketbook every day. There are also ten Texas Constitutional Amendments on the ballot! Take charge of putting more Conservatives in office. GO VOTE!


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